MADison1.2 Jersey

MADison Jersey is source from classic gentlemen’s tie.Regimental stripes is silence, organize, and colorful.The jersey is best much with black bib shorts.

The jersey has variations Short sleeve and Long sleeve.Please select for best and better season your jersey.

This Jersey is MADison series No1.2 .Navy Blue is the symbol of the silent in the cycling.
The meaning of Kanji text the side of this hat.It’s famous word in Japan Fu Rin Ka Zan

Fu is the wind.
Rin is the Forest.
Ka is the Fire.
Zan is the Mountain.

Fu Rin Ka Zan is the word that was preached in the medieval war in Japan.But, It’s means similar to theory of cycle road race.Fast like the wind.Quiet like the forest.To aggression as fire.Don’t move like a mountain

MADison Jerseyはクラシックなネクタイの柄をモチーフにしています。レジメンタル柄は所属をあらわしています。チーム競技であるロードレースにはピッタリのモチーフといえるのです。
とはいえ、MADison Jerseyは自由サイクリストのためにデザインされました。黒いレーサーパンツとの合わせをオススメします。